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Family tradition

for over 80 years.


Heinrich Fuhrhop manages an installation and plumbing business during this time.
He makes petroleum lamps and has the task to take care of the city lamps.
His wife Caroline, maiden name Faillard, is a descendant of the Huguenot religious refugees from France.

The other branch of the family belongs to the Clan Davin, the builder of the Huguenot Tower.

The youngest child of Heinrich and Caroline Fuhrhop is named Edmund. He marries Else Drippe, who is a cook in a renowned pension. From this marriage two daughters, Bärbel and Vera, are born.


Edmund Fuhrhop falls in Russia.


Four people are killed in the bombing of our house. High above the huge pile of rubble, the picture of a guardian angel still hangs intact on the wall.
The siblings of Else Fuhrhop, Annaliese and Erwin, move to Karlshafen to help with the reconstruction.




Erwin Drippe makes his master as a plumber & installer at the age of 26 and contributes significantly to the reconstruction.
It is started with the lateral part.

The first guests can move in and receive full board.


In mild winter the front house can be straightened. The primary task is to finish guest rooms on the second floor. The garden behind the house with a fountain serves the guests to relax.


Bärbel Fuhrhop marries gardener Günter Janke, refugee from Silesia.
This marriage produces two sons, Edmund and Christian.


The big garden has to give way and the construction of the new guest house
started. Under difficult conditions and with a lot of own efforts, new
spaces created:
14 double rooms and three single rooms with shower/WC (for that time a
Achievement) are accommodated in the new building.


After completing an apprenticeship as a cook and confectioner in well-known restaurants, Christian Janke marries Sandra Walter.
This marriage produces two children, Tom and Vincent Janke.


Christian Janke takes over the Komfort-Pension Fuhrhop and continues the business with his wife in the third generation.
With a lot of commitment and attention to detail, the premises are always kept up to date.


Bärbel and Günter Janke celebrate their eightieth birthday and are happy to help every day.